A modern problem asked by many people “How do I keep my phone, my car keys, my masks or any other of my small devices as clean as possible.”

We now have the solution. The STERIPOD.

The Steripod is a UV steriliser for all your small items such as phones and keys. Not only that, it charges your phone and features a built-in aromatherapy diffuser. Minimal design aesthetics make it a must-have for any household.

The STERIPOD uses six ultraviolet lamps to clean your device in either two or ten minutes bursts. It all features an aromatherapy diffuser to keep your room smelling fresh. Simply add three drops of your favourite oil into the holes inside the STERIPOD and sit back and relax.

It’s super easy to use too. Just plug the USB-C cable (included) into any phone charger and press the button on top once for the two minute burst or twice for the ten minute burst. The light will turn green once it’s done its job. Simple.