Safety Information

Do NOT expose your eyes or skin to UV light as this is dangerous to your health. For your safety, many TempoDetect products have a motion sensor that detects if the lid has been lifted or wand has been tilted upwards and either prevents the device from coming on or automatically turns the device off temporarily to protect you, your family and pets from exposure to UV-C light (Products not included in this category are: The UVC, UV beam and The Fridgemate) If the device does not come on, please do not assume faulty function but move away from the vicinity and wait for up to 30 seconds for the device to come on. Please keep away from children or others who may misuse it.

Legal Disclaimer

UV light is not intended for skin or eye contact as UV light radiation can be dangerous to health. Do not expose your eyes and skin to UV light. Protect your skin and eyes from UV light.